Soil Production.

FSB Production Method

Florida Soil Builders Inc.(FSB) produces a high quality organic soil amendment for the agriculture industry and has adopted a manufacturing process designed by Midwest BioSystems called “Advanced Composting System” (ACS). The ACS technology is a scientifically based process that insures a quality finished product.

The Department of Environmental Protection has established guidelines for producing a safe end product for agricultural use. Chapter 62-709 of the Florida Administrative Code lists the requirements in detail and FSB is registered under this code (ID# 95257). The main factors that affect the quality and safety of the final product are: type & ratio of raw materials, moisture content, aeration, temperature and disinfection.

Raw Materials: Florida Soil Builders utilizes a mix of yard waste that results in a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 24-30:1. This is critical in supporting the proper bacterial degradation and in assuring the quality of the end product. There are no animal bi-products in our process.

Aeration: Florida Soil Builders places the raw materials in long, narrow windrows on the open ground. This enables the product to be turned with a commercial turner as needed. Each row will be turned approximately 30 times in a 6 month period. This turning provides aeration and allows for moisture control. The turning frequency is determined by the temperature, CO2 levels, and moisture content in the row. If the temperature is above 150°F, or if the CO2 levels are above 15%, or if the moisture level is below 40%, then the row will be turned to correct the levels.

Moisture: A 40-50% moisture level is maintained by adding water during the turning process when necessary. The moisture level is critical for microbe activity and temperature control.

Temperature: Temperatures will quickly rise after the windrows are established due to the high bacterial activity. This temperature will range from 140-150 F. This phase is associated with a very high rate of decomposition and will last approximately 12 weeks.

Disinfection: The selective destruction of pathogens resulting in acceptable fecal coliform numbers require a minimum of 15 days at temperatures at or above 55°C and must be turned at least 5 times during this time frame (per DEP 62-701,200,FAC). Florida Soil Builders processing takes approximately 12 times this length and maintains temperatures above 55°C for 12 weeks. This process greatly exceeds DEP requirements and insures a product free of pathogens and weed seeds.

The above-outlined process results in a safe, quality product that has been in commercial use for 18 years. The product has been utilized by citrus, vegetable and sod producers. Florida Soil Builders has a continuous monitoring program for quality and safety standards and frequently sends product samples to a certified lab for testing. This testing is performed on each 3,000 ton batch.

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